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Cressi Cherokee Ocean

Cressi Cherokee Ocean

Price: $ 530.00
Was: $ 668.00
Item: CressiCherokeeOcean
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Cressi Cherokee Ocean

The Cherokee Ocean is the evolution of the Geronimo Elite model, with the same basic characteristics with the addition of many new technological innovations. It has kept the traditional qualities of Cressi spear guns, such as durability and ergonomics, and has been improved often exclusive cutting-edge technical solutions. New butt evolved from that used in the Geronimo model, with multiple enhancements and anatomical modifications to improve grip, handling and resistance to bending. Over-sized enhanced trigger guard and trigger aligned with the barrel to eliminate inertia when firing. Integrated swivel safety, thumb activated. New integrated rubber load assist.  Shaft coupling point 5 cm back to optimize the bands’ dynamic propulsion and to prolong it for the longer barrel. Enhanced and simplified assembly with the barrel to eliminate bending. Incorporates new super robust and reliable coupling system for the reel. Rounded wings to position the cord when loading and to prevent interference with coupling the wishbone. New metal mechanism developed 100% by Cressi Italia. It combines stainless steel and exclusive self-lubricating Teflon elements to minimize friction. It has an extraordinary balance between trigger sensitivity and accidental decoupling resistance, even when used with powerful dual bands. Lateral stainless steel retractable thread loop. Barrel tapered and hydroformed in extra rigid aluminum with the integrated guide, black-steel matte. Its design provides super rigidity and elevated mass to absorb the kickback caused by firing while maintaining good maneuverability in all types of movement, especially vertically. Muzzle: minimal but very robust opening so dual bands can be used. Its cobra head design softens the angle of the bands so that they work more effectively without unnecessary friction or tension that could reduce the life of the product. It is designed so that if used with dual bands, both work equally without any interference. The muzzle incorporates a new field lead on the lower part in stainless steel that also functions as a thread loop when the dual pass is being used. Bands: pure USA latex 16 mm dual bands with Dyneema wishbone. Shaft: Barbed, 7 mm. Dark tempered 16 4PH steel.




  • Ready for Use: Assembled with Multifilament Braided Nylon and Shock Absorber
  • Quick Loading Open Muzzle
  • Magnetic Spear Lock:
    Spear Put-in-Place, its Held by 2-Neodymium Magnets Mounted in Watertight Chamber
    Guarantees Maximum Speed of Reset without Disadvantages of Conventional Mechanical Restraints
  • Muzzle and Magnets Combined for Rapid Reload when Hunting
  • Anticorodal Hydro-Formed Frame (aircraft grade aluminum alloy 6082)
  • Frame Improved with Integrated Spear Guide
  • Shape of 28 mm (1.1") Frame (Barrel):
    Provides Excellent Hydrodynamics
    Considerable Resistance to Bending
  • Anticorodal Handle: Has Soft Interchangeable High-Low Sternal Support
  • Barrel and Handle in Black Finish
  • Guns Release Box: Made Entirely of Stainless Steel
  • Lateral Guide Line Release
  • Automatic Return and Buckling Tooth Stroke Damper
  • Tilting Lateral Safety Catch
  • Reinforced Reel Buckle with Steel Thru-Pin
  • Gun Head Designed for Double Bands
  • Shock Absorber: Helps with Recoil and Spearing Big Game
  • Double Circular 16mm (5/8") Bands
  • Pure Dyneema High Strength Line Wishbones with Tensile Strength of 200 kg (440 lbs.)
  • 7 mm (0.28") diameter Spring Stainless Inox Steel Shaft with Fins
  • Shaft: Heat Treated to Increase Hardness and Prevent Bending
  • 3 Shark Fin Tab Design for Band Wishbones
  • Includes Widely Preferred Tahitian Style Tip with Flopper Shaft Barb