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Scuba Capsule for Apple iPhone 5 and 6

Scuba Capsule for Apple iPhone 5 and 6

Price: $ 1849.00
Item: scubacapsule
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Scuba Capsule for Apple iPhone 5 and 6

Scuba Capsule for Apple iPhone 5 and 6


Scuba Capsule Details

The capsule for your smartphone

Your smartphone will feel at home in its new submarine.

The seawater-resistant housing has been CNC-machined from a single block of high-grade aluminium, and features a rugged design with premium-quality materials and sensors used throughout its interior.

The ScubaCapsule is manufactured by hand in a small factory in Germany, with every unit being tested and finished by highly-qualified technical specialists. The Gorilla® Glass used is scratch-proof, pressure-resistant to depths of 150 m and is 100% anti-reflective.


Scuba Capsule housing design brings to mind the familiar lines of your Apple product – this is a case that you’ll be happy to entrust with your precious phone.



The integrated electronics comprises multiple metrological elements and processors and has been both designed and engineered for the conditions experienced underwater. This technology and the smartphone it holds are protected by a locking catch made of stainless steel.

The back of the housing offers a small "porthole" for your phone's primary camera, thereby turning your resourceful companion into a fully-featured underwater camera.

For accessories, standard industry mounting points are available on the top and bottom of the unit. And the two anodised colours currently available for the ScubaCapsule housing - black and silver - should be to everyone's taste.


Scuba Capsule

Scuba Capsule

Dive Mode

All information you need at a glance. Snapping the spectacular has never been so easy!

Scuba Capsule

Night Mode

Turn green to red - making is easy on your eyes and those of any fish nearby.

Scuba Capsule

Lady Mode

Your personal underwater style - What a different display? Scuba Capsule changes to match.

Scuba Capsule

Tactical Mode

No Time for distractions. Keep an eye on what's important with this uncluttered layout.

Scuba Capsule

Photo and Video Mode

The unforgettable - recorded for posterity.

Scuba Capsule

Beach Mode

Review those magic moments when you are safe and sound.

Scuba Capsule

Media Player

Orchestrate the rhithm of the tides. Arrange your music files into an ultimate soundtrack for the underwater kingdom.

Scuba Capsule

Light Sensor

Your "Third eye": confirm, measure and navigate.

Scuba Capsule

Gorilla Glass

If you dive deep, you need protection against breakage and scratches.

Scuba Capsule

Pressure Sensor

Its high precisions and pressure sensitivity make it as precise as a Swiss made watch.

Scuba Capsule

Air Sensor

We also speak the lingo of other manufacturers.

Scuba Capsule

Innovative controls

You tap - Scuba Capsule reacts.

Scuba Capsule


Experienced divers have played a leading role in the design and development of this innovative product. It carries on where other product have left off and is perfectly tailored to the needs of the serious diver.

Scuba Capsule

Dive Planner

Plan your dive in advance with the help of many tools.

Scuba Capsule

Browser App

Scuba Capsule