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TUSA Paragon Package

TUSA Paragon Package

Price: $ 769.00
Was: $ 909.00
Item: TUSAParagonPack
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TUSA Paragon Package 

Will chose fin size base on selected size of boot


TUSA Paragon Dive Mask:

Introducing the new advanced M2001SQB Paragon professional divers mask.  The new Paragon mask offers TUSA’s NEW Reinforced TRI-MIX frame, Freedom Technology with Fit II, and the UV 420 Lens Treatment with AR and CrystalView Optical Glass which helps you dive with eye protection and ultimate clarity. 

TUSA 250 Hyperdry Elite Snorkel:

  • Patented Hyperdry Elite Dry Top Technology

  • Large capacity drain chamber and purge valve for easy clearing

  • Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece for ultimate comfort 

  • Hypoallergenic Crystal Silicone Flex-Neck and Mouthpiece


TUSA Imprex Dive Boots:

  • 5.0mm neoprene for support
  • Injection moulded sole with super traction
  • Side zipper with non-stretch jersey
  • Toe and heel guards for comfort



The TUSA Hyflex Switch is powered by PuRiMaX “Polyurethane Blade System”. The Polyurethane blade provides a quick “snappy” response to the diver’s every movement.


TUSa Imprex Snorkel Bag:

• Adjustable shoulder straps
• Mesh sides
• Mesh zippers, pockets and carry handles

• Size 72cm x 45cm 


TUSA Mask Tamar:

The TUSA Mask strap cover is a soft neoprene strap cover that prevents hair from tangling and adds alot of comfort. Both a fashionable and functional accessory, mask straps are kept in optimum placement for comfort and security. 


Tusa Super Anti-Fog Treatment:

  • For use on diving masks and swimming goggles 

  • Long lasting 

  • High viscosity coat-on Type