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TUSA Serene Adult Combo (Mirror Lens)

TUSA Serene Adult Combo (Mirror Lens)

Price: $ 119.00
Was: $ 129.00
Item: UC1625MQB
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TUSA Serene Adult Combo (Mirror Lens)

The SERENE adult combo includes a Serene mask and a  snorkel.
The Serene mask gently conforms to the contours of your face. Constructed with crystal silicone and stylish mirror coating lens, the Serene has been crafted for divers who want a wide field of view combined with a low volume design. 
The dry snorkel features TUSA Hyperdry Elite dry top technology (pat p) that stops water from entering into the snorkel, a drain chamber and purge valve for easy clearing, and silicone mouthpiece. 


Serene Mask