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TUSA Visio Tri-Ex Pro Adult Combo FY

TUSA Visio Tri-Ex Pro Adult Combo FY

Price: $ 85.00
Was: $ 99.00
Item: UC3125FY
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TUSA Visio Tri-Ex Pro Adult Combo

The VISIO TRI-EX adult combo includes the Visio Tri-Ex mask and the Snorkel. The UM-31 Visio Tri-Ex mask is a revolutionary 3-window design that offers an ultra-wide 168° panoramic view. This amazingly wide viewing angle is achieved by the incorporation of domed side windows and the significant reduction of frame structure around the lenses, increasing the field of vision dramatically over traditional masks. The mask gently conforms to the contours of your face. Constructed with crystal silicone, this mask has been crafted for divers who want a wide front lens combined with a low volume design. The dry snorkel features TUSA Hyperdry Elite dry top technology (pat p) that stops water from entering into the snorkel, a drain chamber and purge valve for easy clearing, and silicone mouthpiece. 



Visio Tri-Ex Mask

• 5-position swivel strap adjustor 

• Hi-grade black crystal silicone 

• 168 degree viewing angle 

• Super tough long life frame 

• Panoramic-view 3 window design 

• Round edge skirt for superior seal and comfort 

Visio Tri-Ex Snorkel

• Hypoallergenic Crystal Silicone Flex-Neck and Mouthpiece 

• Patented Hyperdry Elite Dry Top Technology 

• Large capacity drain chamber and purge valve for easy clearing 

• Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece for ultimate comfort