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WaterProof SuperStretch Lycra Body Mens

WaterProof SuperStretch Lycra Body Mens

Price: $ 125.00
Item: WPSkinLycraMens
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WaterProod SuperStrecth Lycra Sking Mens

Is the water too warm for a regular wetsuit but you're still in need of a sun or rash protection? Then the WP Skin is an excellent diveskin for you. In addition - if you struggle to get your wetsuit on, problem is solved with WP Skin. A full rashguard suit in superstretch Lycra makes donning your wetsuit easy.



• Latest edition to the Waterproof range

• Made of the highest quality Lycra range

• Ideal for the tropics or for just general sun protection

• Colours in Black and Fishtail Blue in both mens and ladies